Friday, March 21, 2014

call your mother

This week’s been a bit crazy for me. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but I had two days of full day meetings, along with a work dinner one night. Apparently, when I flew home from my trip to florida, I forgot to text my mother. In my defense, it was late flight and I figured it would be odd to wake up everyone texting I had landed. Then Monday came and went, I did my normal routine of work, gym, home to watch How I Met Your Mother on DVR and head to bed. Tuesday was the start of the meetings, which no phone and no computer was allowed, not a big deal as I can survive tech free for a few days. Tuesday night my mom called me but  I was at the dinner, and got home too late to call her back – again not a big deal to me. Well Wednesday started early, and apparently at this point it was possible I had been kidnapped. I missed a few texts, missed a few phone calls, and wasn’t on email (really people what did we do before technology?). My mother so worried tracked down my colleague in another office by calling the office and getting connected to her, to make sure I was okay. Yes, my mom called my colleague to make sure I had not been taken. Moral of the story, text or call your mother even if it’s 1AM, if it bothers her, remind her of that time she called your work friends to make sure you were alive after a few days of being busy.

The next morning, I did text her and told her that my captors say hello. She didn’t get my joke.

I love my mom, but this was one of those moments that made me laugh a lot. I was totally fine, just not near the ways to get ahold of me.

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  1. hhahah that is DEFINITELY something both of my parents would do. When I went to Peru alone, I knew if they didn't hear from me everyday the national guard would be out looking for me!!