Wednesday, March 12, 2014

happiness list

I am pretty late to this party, but I am listening to “Let it Go” from Frozen on repeat now. Idina Menzel sang this when I watched the Oscars, and then the song won the award, and I was hooked.  Strong apologies to my work neighbors as I think I sing this out loud at some point while I am listening at my desk. What can I say, I was the little girl who wanted to play Annie whenever I got a chance.

Getting a lovely long weekend in warm sunny Florida. I am so glad to have a chance to escape the cold even for a few days. Something about 80 degrees makes everything feel better. Spring, here I am, and I am waiting for you.

I feel in love with my new way to cross off my to do list at work. I realized that I hated crossing out and not being able to look back later to get a handle on what I had done, I’ve started highlighting completed items – still easy to read, and adds a pop of color to my life (yep, I am a nerd).

The beautiful flowers I received as a thank you. It’s probably my favorite thing to tell people I have many secret admirers as this did come from a group of people. Orange roses are a new favorite – they are so vibrant.

Also, happy that I finally scheduled my appointment with my tax guy – it’s always a pleasure to visit Ray this time of year. Yes, it’s nerdy to like your tax accountant, but mine is pleasant and kind.

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