Friday, March 7, 2014

getting crafty

I am one of those people who go through phases of wishing I was a bit more crafty. I am never going to be a full DIYer, but I occasionally do feel the urge to learn a new skill to keep my inner math geek from feeling too far away from artsy endeavors. Tapping my inner grandmother/hipster, I signed myself up for an introduction to crochet class. I knew I’d be heading to a studio for two Sunday morning sessions, but I really wasn’t sure what to expect, or if I was going to drive my instructor bonkers.

Before going to class, I had grand ideas that this would be how I’d start my bohemian crafts, or really do something other than Candy Crush while watching television. Major goal would be to be able to make Norbs a blanket or something to that effect.

Week one was pretty good, and the class was tiny – only three of us learning to become crochet masters. One of the other girls had clearly been studying up before hand, and I just kept getting mine all twisted, the other was equally as frustrated as I was.  I will say the instructor was lovely and patient and kind (all things anyone should be for teaching adults new skills).  I learned I don’t like to point my index finger and leave it waving in the wind, like you are supposed to for a good crochet.  I was left with homework to practice during the week.

For week two, I missed my train and was 15 minutes late – which made me feel more guilty then I already was, because that homework didn’t happen. The week was busy with different things, and I when I got home each night the last thing I was up for was suffering with my crochet hook. Anyway, I was honest because being a slacker is already pretty bad, but lying on top of it is way worse.  Luckily though, all was forgiven and I got some good attention and started to master some of the stitches in during the rest of class. I realized that the hardest part of any project was going to be the starting two rows and after that as long as I paid attention I would be able to get my craft on.

Upon graduating from my beginners class, I bought a book for reference and some beautiful sage green yarn, and started what’s turning out to be a fairly decent looking first scarf. I really want to make some blankets as I think that would be an amazing thing have, that would actually get used. I also promised my family wash clothes for Easter. I’ve also started toying with the idea of taking the second class in the series – after a few weeks of really getting comfortable with things I’ve already learned.

Have you ever tried a new hobby? What’s a favorite new skill you’ve learned?

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