Wednesday, March 19, 2014

things that drive me bonkers – or ways to make Jill crazy if you are mean

We all have things out of our control that irk us to no end.  Sometimes, I wonder if people do this just because they know it’s annoying, or it’s going to make you want to throw your shoe at them if you were allowed to.

People at work who leave dishes soaking in our communal sink. Kiddos, what are you making in the microwave that you need to soak your dish all afternoon? Why not take the 5 minutes to wash your cup right then and there, so that I don’t have a meltdown over this behavior. I swear, one day I am going to just throw your dish out, sorry its true, I am going to do it. Consider this your warning that I am plotting to throw away your mug that you are soaking.

People on the train who want you to stop holding on to your pole so they can get up from their seat to get to the door while the train is moving. Hello? Why should I risk injury because you are afraid the doors are going to open and shut in a nano second- they won’t, I promise the train can stop, I can let go and then you can get out. I am not being a pain in the butt for not wanting to surf the train and crack open my head – please just wait 45 seconds.

The guy who every time I make polite conversation with, reminds me he has a girlfriend. Dude, good for you – you go Glen Coco! I have known you now for 7 years, it’s totally great you finally got a girl after complaining about how f*d up girls were on facebook. I was embarrassed for you on some of those posts (private lives people).I don’t really care though that you took your girlfriend anywhere when I ask you about your weekend, just say it was really nice thank you.

I really don’t have a short fuse for the most part, but these are things that just are getting under my skin lately. I probably need more yoga in my life or something to chill out.

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  1. haha that is so funny! dishes in the office sink is one of the biggest issues at our office. it is beyond me why grown, employed adults cannot seem to clean up after themselves!!