Monday, March 31, 2014

goodbye to you

I am a bit sad, one of my favorite shows ends tonight. I’ve been faithfully watching How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) since almost the beginning. I discovered this show the summer before I moved to take a job in New York City, so it seemed almost fitting that I’d enjoy a show based in my new city. I found the characters funny and endearing, and definitely tried my hand at “Have you met Ted?” at the bars when out with my friends. Through the years there’s been good times and bad, and I’ve truly loved watching this each week.  I’ve enjoyed watching the characters grow and change, all while still keeping things ridiculously funny. The last show I remember feeling like I had to see the end was LOST, and then I think it was Friends. I tend to lose interest after a bit for most shows, but this was not the case with HIMYM, and I cannot wait to see what the finale will bring. I fully expect to be glued to the couch with a box of hankies ready to go tonight.  Is anyone else sad to see this show end?

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  1. isn't that the worst!? i hate when a good show (or even book) ends. i miss the characters like they are real people.