Wednesday, April 2, 2014

frenchies on instagram

I really want a dog, I've probably wanted one for as long as I can remember, but in my adult life I haven't lived in an apartment where dogs are permitted. My instagram feed is 90% French Bulldogs, who I love seeing all the time.

Some of my favorites that you should follow too are:

chloe_theminifrenchie - she's just to tiny and cute.

williethefrenchie - this little boy is San Francisco based

renecharlesnyc - my favorite local Frenchie. I look for him on the streets, I have yet to be able to say hello, but a girl can dream. The commentary from his owners is also amazingly cute.

cooper_the_frenchie - cousin of the famed Manny and Frank

Following so many adorable dogs really does help with my dog obsession. These guys brighten my day so much, bringing a smile to my face.

(photo via pinterest)


  1. i love dogs! they are the best! i have two. as much as i love them, i dont recommend adopting while living in an apartment. it is A LOT of work!!