Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hey Mr. DJ…

I am very into spin these days – there’s something about good music and low impact on the joints (no I am not 90, but recall last summer when I stress fractured my foot from lots of impact). I’ve been hitting 2-3 spin classes a week within my work out routine and I’ve been loving it. I definitely have tried almost all the trendy spin places in New York – FlyWheel, Revolve, Studio 360, and I am about to try Soul Cycle this coming Saturday. Soul Cycle is apparently life changing according to a few of the regulars I know. Right now I am really loving Revolve because there isn’t a bad spin instructor in the group – no one to avoid because you hate the music, or the instructor isn’t motivating you the right way.  Last night I went to Revolves Live DJ ride and it was freaking fantastic. I’ve never had so much fun in a spin class before. The music was epic, it was perfect – every song I was like okay I got this, and when the ride ended I kind of wanted to go dancing.  I highly recommend a live DJ spin class if you get the opportunity.

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