Thursday, April 24, 2014


I not so secretly love One Direction. I am way too old to love 1D, but I really enjoy the songs.  The Story of My Life – it feels like my heart is beating along in time as the boys sing to me.

My pedicure wears off on the middle toe always. I’ll have full polish on all my other toes, but the middle toe will just be naked. It’s really weird.

Sometimes for dinner, I’ll eat two string cheese pieces and that’s it. I don’t always want to make food, and that’s easy and cheesy.

The Little Mermaid makes me cry (the movie). I don’t like that she has to give up her family for love, so when she hugs her dad good bye, I lose it.

I hate activities that involve boats. You cannot leave a boat a sea and it makes me feel trapped.

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  1. thats so funny about your toe nail polish! your shoes must rub that toe!!