Friday, April 4, 2014

week in review: april 4th

Oh Friday, my favorite day of the week by far – granted I am not all about living for the weekends. You’ve got to get busy living every day, even if you work a 9-5ish (err, let’s not think too hard about that 5) job. Some weekly highlights:

The end of an era, How I Met Your Mother ended, and there were torn opinions. My thoughts were I enjoyed the good cry, but saw how the ending wrapped up 9 seasons of chatting about meeting the mother.  I also understand the disappointment, but the story never truly focused on the mother from the beginning – she was not the end game if you paid attention. I also really loved the whale costume Lilly wore, that was so funny.

Currently obsessed with my new toy- the Fitbit. I love this little thing and find that I am constantly interested in how far my little legs are walking. Anyone else on this? How do you become friends? Should we be Fitbit friends?

I finished the forth book in Game of Thrones.  I am loving the series, and I only have one more left before I finish the current published works. I decided I must read a few other things before picking up book five. I am guessing by April 15th, I won’t be able to wait any longer.

I dreamed about frozen yogurt a lot this week. I must be ready for summer, when I allow that to be a perfectly acceptable dinner substitute.

I joined the #1800minutechallenge, so I am planning on getting in 1800 of working out in the next two months – or 30 minutes each day. Current status: 50 minutes, but I’ve got gym plans all weekend long so I’ll start to catch up. I don’t count my normal walking as that’s my mode of transportation.

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