Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm cuddling close to blankets and sheets

My bedroom was overdue for an update- usually, when I move to a new apartment I like to change the bedspread and give my new room a completely new feeling. I've been in my current place about 10 months now, so I was really holding back on the purchase. Blue is almost always the color I choose for just about everything, so I really surprised myself when was drawn to the red and white quilt from West Elm. I love the pattern and how there's a bit of a mix and match of the red and whites (the shams match the reverse of the quilt). Since I freeze in the winter, I also picked a grey duvet cover to cover my well loved down comforter - I like the way the white pops off the darker color. I can't wait for summer though when I can remove the down comforter and just enjoy the light weight quilt. At least for now though the combination is warm enough on those cold winter nights.

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