Friday, February 3, 2012

pink, like a deco umbrella

It seems that everyone is into a unique manicure- the standards still hold but there's something about having a fun twist to your nails. I love trying to paint patterns on my fingertips- however my hand is not very skilled. Long ago a friend had amazing patterned nails- which she confessed were the Sally Hansen Nail Effects. I was intrigued to try them for myself and of course never ever could find them anywhere. Alas, this week a trip to CVS brought me face to face with several choices. I picked pink polka dots- even though it's a bit summery for February (just because the groundhog saw his shadow doesn't mean I have to wait six more weeks). The instructions are pretty easy to follow to apply what I would call stickers to your nails- and by nail number three I felt like I had mastered how to do this. So far no complaints from me, and very minimal chipping - much longer then I usually make it after a trip home from the nail salon. I have also received many compliments on my pretty patterned polish - I will definitely be purchasing these again.

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