Thursday, February 23, 2012

runnin' down a dream

I am turning into a marathon viewer as you can see by the photo of my friend above taken just before she crossed the finish line in Austin, Texas this past weekend. A few of my friends and I ventured to the Lone Star State to explore the city, and watch our friend complete her forth marathon. Yes, that's right number four, and she's currently planning the next one for adventure. Now that I've been a spectator at more then one marathon, I've noticed a few things that make marathons more fun for both the runners and the cheering sections. My tip for the runners is to write your name in very large print across your shirt- lots of the runners at the New York marathon, had their names very visible. Why should this be a must do? It allows those of us watching for our one runner, the ability to pretend we know you- and cheer you on by name. I would think it would feel amazing to have strangers shouting tips of encouragement as you undertake a massive physical feat. For spectators- you need to map out your viewpoint (or viewpoints), depending on the course you may be able to see your runner more then once, which is pretty awesome- and for the runner it's great to see your supporters a few times as you run for victory.

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