Monday, March 12, 2012

all I've got is a photograph

I am in the market for a new camera - I am ready to stop only taking pictures with my iphone (trust me that I love that convenience of having one device in my purse). I'd like to step up my game on the pictures I take, and post well- mostly to this blog. I've been eyeing the Sony Power Shot - primarily because it looks easy to use (I am  not at the point of those beautiful shutter professional grade digital cameras), though I've been reading a lot (A LOT) about people who love their Holgas - a very cute non-digital camera dating back to the 1980's. Part of me wants to bite the dust and get both and start taking lots of fun photos (and probably making all sorts of gifts for friends out of the pictures- calendar, mug- anyone?). Do you have a camera you love? What would you recommend for my first camera purchase in about five years?


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