Tuesday, March 20, 2012

deep in the heart of Texas

Finally getting around to uploading some of my photos from my trip to Austin - granted I had a few posts before going, and I did write about the marathon very shortly after returning. Here's some highlights:

The endless shelves of cowboy boots at Allen's. They are so pretty- each one was gorgeously made and were fun to try on during a rainy afternoon.

A picture of cattle- I don't believe these are longhorns. I saw this at Stack Burger in Austin, and loved the decor of the whole place. Part of the wall was decorated with hay bales - but it was hipster cool not cowpoke in style.
Sometimes I wish I lived in an air-stream- particularly one complete with cupcakes. This is a must stop for the foodies in your travel party.
This photo makes me laugh- only because my friends convinced two young children to play Bocce with them while waiting for our table at the Salt Lick. The kids got tired of us way faster for making them play an organized game, rather then just running around the grounds.

 I really was trying to capture the twinkle lights that were outside in the trees- it looked way more magical in my head then it does in the picture- however I sill really love this photo despite it's shortcomings.
Longhorns and Christmas lights- I loved the craziness of this collage - just something fun and very Texas in my mind. Plus it sparkled!

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