Tuesday, March 12, 2013

childhood nostalgia

I went to the playground this weekend- something that you can only do if you go with friends and their children, otherwise it’s creepy. While we watched the kids play around, and climbed some of the equipment ourselves – and banged our knees in spaces meant for the under 12 set, I was reminded of how much fun it was to play outside during recess as a child. My elementary school had at the time a very large wooden playground called “The Funspace” – which was built probably 2 years before I started first grade. It was probably one of the best parts of being a kid, twice a day we got recess outside to play. I remember playing in the theater a lot with a bunch of girls from my class, spending many an afternoon at intramural sports playing the best game of capture the flag, and doing gymnastics on the hill.   My grade was also responsible for shutting down said “Funspace” during a boys vs. girls game of Cops and Robbers when we were fourth graders, where one kid pretty much got the splinter of his lifetime.  In the winter, when we use to get snow (remember when that was normal) we all would get to sled outside down a hill that ended in a parking lot – it probably wasn’t safe but it was glorious. Did you have a favorite playground game?

(photo from pinterest)

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