Monday, March 25, 2013

manic mondays...

How is it Monday again? I really feel due for a long weekend - truly. These little two day weekends never seem long enough to get done all the errands and have time to kickback and recover. I can only hope that with Easter coming up next weekend, I can enjoy an early release from work on Friday afternoon. My weekend was good- action packed it seemed. I finally got my taxes done (I think every year - I wait longer and longer to go see my accountant), got a haircut, and saw friends both evenings. I also managed to get in some gym time which was nice. I did get in some reading too - I recently picked up "The Secret Garden" which now that I am into it, I don't remember reading when I was younger- so completely enjoying some light reading. Do you ever go back to books that were age appropriate 20 years ago?

(photo from pagu no nioi)

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