Wednesday, March 6, 2013

life lately

February was a terrible blog posting month for me. Normally I can find some time, or want to sit and write about what's going on - February I was like eh...

It's okay with me though, I like my blog, but I like getting out too. I was totally enjoying reading the blogs I follow, I just wasn't feeling overly inspired on my own postings. So, on that note what's new lately?

For me, I've recently nailed down a vacation week, and booked a plane ticket. To me that was one giant step for me since I cannot stand not having a trip planned or at minimum in the works. I am also trying to figure out another time to take another week off in the early part of the summer. As they say, once you start you never stop planning trips.

I've also becoming highly addicted to my new gym class, so much so that I feel bad on my rest days because I miss it when i am not there. Is that a little disturbing? I am enjoying feeling inspired at the gym though, and that's refreshing to me.

I've decided that my favorite food for 2013 is tacos - I find myself wanting them anytime they are on a menu, or I am near a place that has them.

I also love extra big ice cubes- such a classy little invention. 

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