Thursday, March 14, 2013

dancing with myself

My office recently shut down Pandora, which is a complete bummer – some days a little Pandora was all I needed to make it to the end of the day. I’ve had to switch back to cranking out the tunes on my iPhone these days-  which is both good and bad, but I tend to find myself listening to songs over and over. I probably am someone who kills songs for themselves more than I should – I know better, but I just want to keep listening to the song that’s playing in my head. One way I like to mix it up is to play my own little version of the alphabet game, where any time I want to flip to a new song I have to continue down the alphabet list- and find something A-Z to listen to. It’s a great way for me to flip through the catalogue of songs and remember some good ones that don’t get hit ups as often. My most recent journey brought me to the following:

A-     Almost Lover  by A Fine Frenzy

B-      Bread – Clemsnide

C-      Circle Game- Joni Mitchell

D-     A Drop in the Ocean- Ron Pope

E-      Emily- Lady Antebellum

F-      Father Figure- George Michael

G-     Gravity – Sara Bareilles

H-     Heart of the World- Lady Antebellum

I-        I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

J-       Just to See You Smile- Tim McGraw

K-      Kings and Queens- 30 Second to Mars

L-       Life’s a Happy Song- The Muppets

M-   Marry Me- Train

N-     Naked as We Came- Iron and Wine

O-     O-O-H Child- The Five Stairsteps

P-      Precious Love- James Morrison

Q-     Quitter- Carrie Underwood

R-      Red Meets Blue- Matt Wertz

S-      Stupid for You- Marie Digby

T-      Through the Fire- Chaka Khan

U-     Undiscovered- James Morrison

V-     Vindicated- Dashboard Confessional

W-   Watching You Watch Him- Eric Hutchinson

X-      Home –Phillip Phillips

Y-      You’ll Think of Me- Keith Urban

Z-      That for You- Matt Wertz

(photo from pinterest)

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