Monday, September 23, 2013

Letters to Norby #23

Dear Norby-

Hard to believe you’ve almost been here a year. You are one happy little dude- you make everyone in the family smile when they see you. I cannot believe how fast you’ve been growing up too, I will always remember you as the little boy that I could hold in the crook of my arm. Now you are almost walking you little man. I love how much fun you are to play with now, I can see the wheels turning in your head as you figure out how to climb on things (good luck to your mother as I have a sense you’ll be climbing all over the house before she’s ready), and it’s amazing to see you develop a sweet little personality. I am so lucky to have a great nephew in my life, and I am still planning all the fun we are going to have a you get bigger and older. I fully expect to have regular adventures with you, just as we’ve done this past year.

Love you to pieces.

Love your favorite auntie

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