Friday, September 20, 2013

new work now

One of my favorite places in New York to see upcoming theater is definitely The Public Theater. This year I’ve had the opportunity to experience quite a few shows at The Public. Most recently, I went to one of their fall shows regarding new and upcoming work. I saw a reading of “Falling Apart… Together”, which my friend let me pick out based on title. The play is about a middle aged couple figuring out life as one son heads starts his senior year, it was surprisingly very funny and very heartwarming, even when things were not going quite as swimmingly. I think so many people can relate to trying to have it all, or barely having anything together. I will also give major credit to the author/play write and actress Kathryn Grody, not only was the story very entertaining, but having her play all the major characters was an amazing feat. I totally could picture in my mind how the each of the characters were and didn’t get to bogged down on that she was everyone, but it was truly amazing because I don’t know how I didn’t hit that focus point. Anyway, if you ever get the chance to go to The Public Theater, you should run – it’s definitely a more intimate experience compared to Broadway.

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