Monday, September 30, 2013

tried to domesticate you

I have friends (who recently got hitched – definitely a fun wedding) who have a beautiful chalkboard in their kitchen in which anytime you are over you can see the weekly dinners listed out and checked off as they make them.  I love seeing this as they seem to always be having a lot of variety in meals, which made me think it’s time to be a little bit better about planning out my meals for the week.  I currently tend to fall into two categories for dinner – breakfast for dinner, which includes but not limited to gluten free bagel sandwiches with eggs and cheese, cereal, yogurt with granola, etc. or either take out/or heat and eat dinners.  The lack of variety is getting me down. Granted I love breakfast, but it’s time to shake things up and have some more balanced meals around my house (local friends, please invite yourselves over for dinner). I’ve done what everyone who’s anyone does, I’ve taken to pinterest to mouth water over professionally taken photos, and scout out recipes to make for dinner.  Ironically, one of the first recipes I’ve decided to try was a quiche – which kind of goes with my breakfast theme I already have in place. However, eggs are safe, and I have the cutest large muffin cups that are perfect for making individual quiches, so I figured getting some variety in the quiche would give me a few dinners and a few lunches for work in a week. I’ve also finally cracked open the Betty Crocker Cookbook my mom bought me ages ago and found a chicken and potato recipe that I am looking forward to trying. I also bought the ingredients for my mac and cheese, which isn’t super healthy but in the muffin cups of portion control at least can be a tasty treat. Looking forward to reporting back with some of my kitchen successes and failures over the coming weeks, but it’s going to be fun trying to be more domestic.

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