Friday, September 6, 2013

summer has come and gone

Well hello September – how are you doing? I can hardly believe it’s unofficially fall already – this week a few of the mornings have been perfect early fall mornings. Still warm enough to not wear tights but a crispness in the air letting you know you should be out and enjoying every single minute of the day. Seems almost shameful to have to go to work this week – but that’s where I am for the week (oh vacation, you are all but a distant memory). I am really going to try to take advantage of weekend activities outside, the past few I’ve been doing enormously long walks both days of the weekend. This is partially because I am still not quite confident about running on my foot (that silly stress fracture), but I am craving some serious vitamin d in the sunshine. I am looking forward to a repeat walking performance as many weekends as I can this fall.

 Hope you have a lovely weekend and get to enjoy some of this fantastic weather!

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