Monday, September 16, 2013

happiness list

The pretty manicure pictured above, that while I was having my nails done, I had the brillant idea to paint the ring fingers a sparkly gold. This made me ridiculously happy, and though I know it’s not a new trend by any means, it certainly has made me feel extra pretty all weekend.

Committing to the LivingSocial deal I bought a week ago and going to all the classes I purchased at a place that I was not loving. The workouts were good, and I thought the teachers were focused, so I was liking that part of the studio. I, however, was not feeling the clientele, and didn’t feel like I belonged. So for not wanting to go back, I finished  the pack of classes out as quick as I could, which feels like something worth celebrating.

Taking 10 minutes to plan out how to set my DVR for fall premiers. I have my favorites to make sure I don’t miss, as well as slotting in some new shows to test out. I really realize how spoiled we all get not having to plan to be home to catch our favorite programs at the right times.  Plus there’s nothing I like better than a rainy weekend in which perching on the couch all day is 100% acceptable, and doing a marathon viewing of everything on my DVR.

Making some pretty terrible gluten free bread over the weekend, I was so excited to make it and then it was not the best. Edible, but not very tasty – perhaps I really just wanted cake or something sweeter, but the bread’s only redeeming  quality was that butter made it better. It was still great to fire up the stove after a long summer hiatus. I am looking forward to more baking and cooking in the coming months.

Starting to plan a bit for one of my holidays in 2014. I am starting to think about an NYC staycation. Feeling like it’s time to plan out a fantastic week of a New York City trip, play tourist, finally check off some of that bucket list. Anyone who knows me, I need to have holiday time planned or at least in the formulation mode. Already on my list, is a Natural History Museum Trip, and the Cloisters, and maybe seeing a Broadway show.

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