Tuesday, September 10, 2013

party like its 7th grade

When I was in middle school in the mid 1990s, we use to have dances all the time which were probably the best thing ever. I remember the first time one of my friends and I were like should we go to the dance in sixth grade, when we were the babies of middle school. It seemed like such a big decision to go, and well dance – and it’s not like I grew up in the Footloose town. I just remember that not many sixth graders got to go to the dances, particularly in the fall of that year, by the time you were a seventh grader parents got over that fear of letting you go to a chaperoned outing (or finally figured out they could go out for dinner by themselves by letting you out of the house for 3 hours on Friday night). In true form these days, I’ve been listening to a heck of a lot of music from those formative years. I remember slow dancing to Boyz II Men (wow, some of those lyrics are racy, did I get it then?), grooving to TLC, and the weird dance the girls made up to “500 Miles” – we thought we were cool, but I prefer the notion of tragically hip.  I also remember wearing bigger clothing then I probably wear now as that was all the rage – it was like a flip between 7th and 8th grade when the more fitted clothing made its way back into the norm. Definitely enjoying the trip down memory lane provided by Spotify these days – some of the recommendations are so spot on it is scary!

PS – my seventh grade self -  loved me some JTT. Oh those hours of watching Home Improvement.

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