Friday, December 13, 2013


my own recent #tbt m&d halloween 1990

Instagram is one of my favorite ways to stalk people. I cannot tell you how many celebrity non-famous family members feeds I’ve poured through looking for some random photo of said famous person in a completely natural picture. Yep, I am that girl – but it’s fun for a bit to just see someone’s regular family maybe posting a photo of them at Christmas, also some of those precious throwbackthursday photos – love it.  I don’t usually proclaim my crazy girl tendencies out loud but this one just seems fun to me. How to do this? Well if you happen to catch someone’s photo early on in the “like” stage, sometimes someone with the same last night likes the photo and well, they might be the relative.  Also, sometimes said celebrity likes a photo of their sibling and you can be a creepier that way too. As long as this person isn’t into privacy settings, you can randomly look at their photo feed for a bit and just see what you find. I’ve never followed any of these people only because that’s crossing some creepier line even I am not quite ready to go down.

Anyone else up for confessing some creepy instagram behaviors?

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