Monday, December 9, 2013

vacation, all I ever wanted

Before the Thanksgiving holiday week, I took a staycation day and enjoyed a very relaxing New York City day. My major goal of taking a local vacation day (not my norm, most of the time I head somewhere even if it's just a weekend adventure) was to make sure I didn't spend the day doing anything at home like cleaning, laundry, television watching, etc. I wanted to make sure I made the most of my day away from work.  I started my day at Flywheel taking a late morning class, one of the truest luxuries, of not working, not battling a class full other worker bees. I really enjoyed going to workout during when I'd normally start checking emails at work. 

After my gym adventure, I treated myself to a few hours at the Natural Museum (which is where all the pictures from this post were taken). I loved being able to take in all the parts of the museum at my own pace not rushing to see anything and only mildly feeling annoyed at the school groups. I took in the special exhibit on Poison - which was definitely very cool. Since I don't take advantage of the museums very often this felt like an instant win for staycation.

My last part of the day was seeing Catching Fire, which was so amazingly good. I really didn't remember that much of the book from reading it a few years ago, but I loved the movie. I am completely on Team Peeta too - I was when I read the books as well. It was nice to treat myself to a movie and enjoy the end of my staycation day.

Do you ever explore your own city on vacation days?

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  1. Is that the museum of natural history? love that place!

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