Wednesday, December 18, 2013

happiness list

Happy middle of the month friends, I cannot believe that in a few days I’ll be getting ready to head up north for the holidays. 'Tis the season to feel like you want about 4 more waking hours in each day.

The album Heatwave by Matt Wertz being added to Spotify fairly recently. I can listen to this all the time at work which makes me super happy – I just have to make sure I don’t sing out loud to annoy my neighbors at work.

Getting the plans in order for my birthday early for once, I usually figure out what I want to do around Christmas and then people already have plans, this year, well I planned about a month in advance.  This year I am hoping planning gets me in gear – I am looking forward to celebrating another year.

It snowed over the weekend and yesterday, I love the stillness snow creates in the world.

New Year’s Eve plans starting to take shape – I really didn’t give it much thought until some friends got the ball rolling, so very excited I don’t have to think about this too hard, merely show up with some champagne and possibly a snack or two.

Getting very excited for some quality time playing with Norbs, just praying that he doesn’t pull his I am going to cry unless you hold me while standing up move again, that was a classic. Poor boo boo though was missing mommy.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season with your friends and family.

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