Wednesday, January 22, 2014

falling slowly, eyes that know me

A surprise blizzard… well sort of, I am not great about watching the news but I feel like this winter storm came on fast and sort of unannounced and it’s been amazing. I left my house walked to the subway, and then when I got out of the subway the winter wonderland was just starting and I was a giddy child all day. I have a desk by a window so all day long I kept being like it’s snowing – I am sure my neighbors were getting annoyed but I don’t care. Winter is coming people, get with the program.

I think I’ve become nostalgic for those winters from my college years, where there would actually be snow on the ground for weeks on end. I use to love the fact that classes were never cancelled and I’d have to trek across campus in knee high snow and then sit in a classroom with puddles of slush that had melted off everyone.  There’s also something about the stillness of a winter’s night (next storm I am totally planning a late night walk) that’s makes you feel like you are a part of something greater than you.

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