Friday, January 24, 2014

happiness list

This is the first happiness list post of 2014 - which seems crazy to me, but as someone who doesn't blog daily it makes sense it takes a few weeks to get here without driving you all batty.

This video by Conan O'Brien and his trip to American Girl Place in Los Angeles. It's long I'll give you that but it's ridiculously funny. I always wanted Samantha when I was young enough to covet one of these dolls, but never had one of my own. I still ask for this each Christmas just to annoy my mother.

Finishing books one and two of Game of Thrones. I am  completely hooked but feel like I should read some of the other books waiting for me on my kindle for now. After I get through another book or two, I'll definitely be ready to start on book three.

Getting an extra day on a business trip so I can see my family for a day, particularly looking forward to seeing Norbs for a couple of hours. He and I have plans to play while his momma gets her hair done - I truly love our little "dates".

Planning a vacation in a few weeks – to a place that’s long been on my list. I am very excited to have something planned so early in the year and finally get a spot checked off my places to go, things to see list. There will definitely be more on this later on.

Loving the song “Throw it on the Fire” by Jon McLaughlin. I love the music and the lyrics, but the string instruments are amazing.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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