Monday, January 20, 2014

retail therapy

After a heinously long week last week this weekend was all about taking it easy and getting some much needed rest. My Saturday was almost as lazy as one can get, I went to the gym to offset the sedentary week and then did a little shopping at the Loft to take advantage of the sales and the birthday coupon I had burning a whole in my pocket. I went in with the mindset of buying the top at the beginning of the post, I think half the bloggers I follow have featured this as a really cute item on their radar. I made it to the store, looking like the gym rat I pretend to be, and started looking for this top and there's only one on a display sized XXS. I wanted this so badly that I asked the sales girl if there were any in the back, and she told me the saddest story of how a customer accidentally spilled coffee allover all the shirts they had. I was a bit bummed but settled on the two tops below, which in honesty will probably get more wear then the top above.

After my shopping trip, I did a little food shopping at Trader Joe's and then headed home for a long hot shower and pajamas the rest of the day and I got caught up on my DVR. While I watched my shows, I drank Shirley Temples with the leftover soda from my birthday party and the grenadine I had on hand - I forgot how delicious these are.

Sunday was followed up with an early morning spin class that made my legs burn after the squat heavy workout from yesterday. I also finally took down my holiday decorations after thinking I should have done it at least a week ago - oh well. I also watched the Patriots not make it to the Super Bowl - but you cannot win them all.

Hope you had a nice weekend, and if you are not working this MLK day, I hope you enjoyed the extra day away from work!

(all images from the Loft)

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