Friday, August 31, 2012

pretty flowers don't lie

Happy long weekend readers! Hope you all get to do something special to celebrate the last unofficial weekend of the summer. New York has started to cool off significantly at night and in the mornings – I can hardly believe the change from feeling clammy at 7 AM compared to now really needing a sweater to walk to work. It feels like fall is coming, and I really want to hang on to a few more hot days. This weekend I head back up to Boston – this time to spend time with my friends. Looking forward to going out, having brunch and just hanging around relaxing. I also seriously want to take a little nap one afternoon, I really don’t know why that sounds so amazing on a list of things to do this weekend – but like a thirty minute snooze seems amazing in my mind right now. Have a great long weekend!

(The photo makes me laugh, from Ants' Factory)

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