Friday, August 3, 2012

summer turns to high

Happy Friday Lovelies. Hopefully you are all getting ready for another fantastically hot summer weekend. Typically these are the weekends where I have no plans to be near any form of water, but this is rare occasion where I am going to a gathering around a pool (a big treat for city people) one day and the beach the next. It’s pretty much the best of both worlds, as long as I pack plenty of sunscreen. Are you a beach or a pool person? I really don’t mind either, I just don’t love going in the ocean and being salty for the rest of the day unless it’s so hot I want to melt, I tend to stay on land. I love the breeze and the ocean, and the sand between my toes.  Pools are fun too – plus you can always see the bottom which was one of the reasons I liked life guarding at pools. There’s something to be said for that crystal clear water and that smell of chlorine.

(photo from FaKeeRa)

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