Wednesday, October 17, 2012

maintain the pain

“Maintain the pain” that seems be the latest motto in my life – it’s been a bit insane with the amount of weird workouts I’ve been up to. I recently got back into hot yoga, I use to do this back in my Boston days. It’s one of those strange things where all you can think of is I am sweating, and sweating some more, yet I feel so good when this is over. I’d compare it to a runner’s high. The irony is that even after all the sweat, you feel super clean- like clean from the inside out.  I am also diving right into my running too – I did a very short race last weekend and ran my fastest miles in years (whoa baby). Who would have thought? It was just the motivation I needed to keep up with the good work I’ve put into fitness for now.

(photo from To Be Alive)

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