Tuesday, October 23, 2012

oh Carolina

I love going away for the weekend, I am pretty sure if you've come to visit my little blog and you come back often, you have figured out I have a small obsession with traveling. I travel often and pretty much anywhere I can get the opportunity to do so. I recently went to Charleston, South Carolina for four days. It was a perfect escape from the northern Fall - about 75 every day and sunny.
 The homes were gorgeous- I wanted to find the perfect little home and move in and enjoy the lowcountry living- people were friendly and walked so slowly. The bright colors actually help keep the homes cooler in the summer time because they reflect the heat. I just liked the girly hues.
 The city ran tours via carriage ride, the company we used, was driven by mules instead of horses. The two ladies pulling our carriage were Laverne and Shirley - I pretty much wanted to see them do the opening number (here) and make all my dreams come true.
I got a bit artsy with this photo of a fountain at the Calhoun Mansion- I loved being able to capture the leaves with the overhang and the water moving.  The grounds were lovely, but I would have skipped the mansion tour in hindsight- not worth it, unless you are in to an extreme collection of displays- my goodness I looked like the most minimalist person in the world in comparison.

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