Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the odds of being alone

I know there are truly some great benefits to being single – ability to travel when you want, being able to leave the bathroom door wide open no matter what you are doing in there, no weird family members that you aren’t use to.  Despite some of the greatness of having complete independent decisions, there comes a point when you start to wonder how many frogs you have left to kiss before you find the right one.  I’d like to find my partner in crime, the person who makes me feel better after a bad day, the person to make soup for or pick up ginger ale when he doesn’t feel well, and the person who will wake up with me on Saturday and decide that it is perfectly acceptable to spend the morning in sweats watching old 90210 episodes (ok, I realize most men would not consider 90210 a must, but a girl can dream).  Please don’t think that I don’t get that relationships have tricky spots as well and that it’s not all roses and sunshine, but it’d be nice to have someone to weather those storms with. For now though, I am going to enjoy what I have in my life and enjoy.

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