Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2 years, 10,000+ views ever…

I follow a lot of blogs, any many people are casual bloggers like me - I really do this because I think I have something to say, no matter how trivial, and some are professional. I am a bit jealous of the professionals as their blogs look amazing, and 100% times better then mine. I probably should treat my blog to a two year anniversary update by someone who specializes in design. I still love my little project for me, I get excited when more then 20 views happen in a day, even if I've been doing a little checking on my cell phone to see how things are looking. Anyway, last week (while on vacation) my blog celebrated being two years old and finally broke into 10,000+ total page views! I cannot believe I've stuck with this that long. Thank you for anyone who has been reading this and maybe enjoying it a bit. I appreciate all my readers.


  1. Congratulations! As a casual blogger myself, I definitely know what you mean about envying professional blogs. But I like yours--I think as long as the blog has a nice clear layout and is fun to read, the little details don't matter as much.

    1. Thanks Laura-

      I've been enjoying following you this week. Lot's of fun things over on your blog.