Monday, August 26, 2013

ode to the weekend

Oh weekend, you are never quite long enough for me. I really think most of us would say weekends should be a little longer- like start at noon on Fridays, or end at noon on Monday. I’ll never get enough weekend in. This one was pretty packed which was nice for a first weekend back on my home turf after four weekends out of town. I like escaping to other places, but I really don’t like being gone from my home that long, or away from my real life all the time. Alas, though I think I am local bound for the next few months which makes me smile.

I started my weekend with a lunchtime treat on Friday, going to the Drybar for a blowout. I had purchased a Gilt certificate for this, that I never had a special occasion to use it on – so with a week to go before expiration, I was like well summer and Fridays are a good enough reason to have a great hair day.  If you’ve never experienced the Drybar, it is one of my favorite little treats- you get your hair washed, and blown into perfection while sipping a drink (the mimosa was skipped this time due to it being in the middle of the work day) and watching some awesomely girlie movie. I followed this up by having my photo taken for the company email system- hey if the whole company has to see my smiling face they might as well get to enjoy my good hair day all the time.

Friday night kicked off with a quick office happy hour, followed by dinner and drinks with a few friends. Saturday was a bit of cleaning, and taking a long walk – which feels so good after so many weeks of being idle. I am not quite up for running yet so getting in some mileage the old fashioned way. Saturday evening was more of the same of Friday, but included a thirtieth birthday outing for one of my friends (the third birthday, of last week’s birthday trifecta). Definitely was great to see a lot of my friends after being gone for so many weeks.  Sunday, I wrapped up the weekend with a gym class, another long walk, a trip to the cinema to see “The World’s End” (super funny), and dinner. 

Now that it’s Monday, I could use another couple hours away, and a masseuse for my quads – my legs are tired!

Hope you had a great weekend.


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    2. Hi Wilson-

      Thank you for finding me. Looking forward to following your adventures.