Friday, August 30, 2013

happiness list

Cheers to the long weekend readers -  I love that in the US summer feels like it has a definite kick off with a long weekend and an ending with another long weekend.  Hoping those of you state side enjoy your extra day away from work, and those of you aboard maybe enjoy some quiet on Monday.

I’ve really liked putting together the list of recent things that have made me happy so maybe this will become a semi regular musing of mine. If you are regularly here, you’ve probably notice I’ve decided to drop my posts to three times a week, which is a bit more manageable for me these days.

Meeting up a with a dear friend a few weekends ago for a beautiful brunch and afternoon at a New England winery. She and I have been on the winery trail ever since we ended up in Napa during Hurricane Sandy, it was a great use of an extended vacation. If you ever make your way to Bolton, Massachusetts, definitely head to Nashoba Valley Winery – so beautiful, and some delightfully tasty wine.

Rediscovering the soundtrack from Dawson’s Creek. I am pretty sure I spent half of my freshman year in college listening to this CD.

This feel good story about a voice teacher surprising Kristen Chenoweth with an amazing duet. Even if you slightly enjoy musicals this is incredible- imagine just being asked to sing and pretty much nailing it in front of a huge crowd. I also really find Kristen’s random exclamations really heartwarming.

Finally reading “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. I really hesitated reading this book for a long time, I downloaded it ages ago to the Kindle and then just sat on it for months, until prompted by another friend to read it. It was fairly short, but made some truly valid points. Though you might be thinking how feminist of you, it really leads to good advice for everyone.  The book itself feels like a casual conversation you might have with a colleague over a working lunch.

Happy Weekend Readers – Enjoy!

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