Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ah, We Fade to Grey, Fade to Grey

The finished product.
You're never fully dressed without a pedicure. I think everyone enjoys having freshly painted nails, even if not expertly done (though that is more preferred when there's time), painted toes make you feel like your feet are ready to be seen.Now that summer warmth is heading for the boarder, I felt ready for a nice fall shade on the toes, something a bit more sophisticated over the hot pinks and light greens I gravitate towards in the summer time. I picked up this grey polish called "money maker" at Sephora. This is definitely a toe nail color, it's a nice opaque grey blue, that feels a bit dark for my fingers, but probably will be a regular polish on the toes. I'd like to find a lighter grey for my manicure, so the quest for the perfect shade continues...

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