Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mr. Postman Look and See, You Got a Letter in Your Bag for Me?

Letter writing tools including stationery from the Met and Target.
I love to send my friends random cards, just because I like them (the friends and the cards). It's always a sneak attack, you never now when I am going to feel the need to make sure someone receives the "I am sending this just to say hello" card. Letter writing is definitely an art form, particularly in this world of technology, where email and text messaging are the standard forms of communication. One girl is taking the letter writing world by storm by writing a handwritten letter every single day in 2011. I really enjoy reading Letters from Lauren, she's extremely thoughtful, has darling penmanship, and has excellent taste in stationery. I think everyone should try to send someone a piece of mail at least once in a while, as it truly brightens my day when I see mail that's not a bill or a catalogue.

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