Thursday, September 8, 2011

dress with the tights underneath

Good golly, my office building must be trying to prepare us to relocate to Alaska because it feels like it's time to start wearing tights to work. September is usually when I get antsy to start wearing more fall styles even though the weather's not quite there. I am really not trying to rush autumn in, but it's my favorite time of year. One of the true signs the season is changing is a pair of opaque tights. I am definitely a skirt girl, I feel much more dressed in a skirt then pants and tights definitely allow me the opportunity to rock skirts all winter long. I don't know how some girls do the barelegged look in the winter, just thinking about it makes me cold.  I am a big fan of HUE tights, mainly because of the vast variety of colors and textures they make. I tend to lean towards blacks, primarily because most of my skirts go with black, but maybe this is the year I try pink.

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