Monday, November 14, 2011

all you do is sit around drinking wine

I am a terrible liar- which probably isn't a bad thing - but the reason I had to try The Pinot Project bottle of of wine is because the bottle reminded me of propaganda posters. I know that's a bit strange but the simplicity of just the words in faded black lettering with stars, and the name just caught my eye a few times. I will admit that many times over the labels tend to draw me in at the package store when mulling over what to pick up for stocking my wine rack.  This was a quite enjoyable pino noir at a moderate price point, with a hint of cherry but not sweet. Definitely one of those wines that is great to have a bit of at the end of a long day curled up on the couch for relaxing, or to be enjoyed over dinner with just about any menu.

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