Tuesday, November 22, 2011

gypsies never get tied down

Holiday travel usually leaves me in two mindsets- really happy to see family and friends who live near where I grew up, and dread of traveling during the busiest travel days of the year. Let's face the sad fact that airports, train stations, and even highways are full of people who only travel on major holidays - which is enough to make anyone who has a passion for travel cringe. Since I moved further from my family a few years ago, I spend lots of time traveling for the major holidays - in which I have found it's worlds easier to pack light, which is aided by my favorite travel bag - my Vera Bradley Duffel. I can stuff everything in here, as well as control how much I bring with me (bigger bags, mean you have to carry more - which is heavier). I've taken this bag all over the world from Europe to the Caribbean, and it's always served me well.  The added bonus is the fun colors make it a snap to spot your bag on the carousel at baggage claim.

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