Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a lone star state of mind

I am getting really excited for my trip to Austin, Texas slated for mid-February. I am due for a really nice break away from work, and I am really looking forward to exploring a new place with some of my friends. I am traveling with a group of friends I've never gone away with before so that's always fun to see how everyone will mesh for 4 days when we don't all get to home at the end of each night.  The swimmer in me really wants to go to the Barton Springs Pool - which just looks amazing - I love that it's lake and just seems like a great way to spend the afternoon. It might be a bit too cold though in February for everyone to want to go in so I might really have to plead my case on this one. Also on the agenda is a trip to the Salt Lick -  for some good old fashioned barbecue Texas style - or what one might be able to call, eat meat until you can't eat it any more.  Hopefully, some country line dancing can be tackled as well as enjoying some of that great country music. For now, I'll have to keep counting down the days until we are in Texas.

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