Thursday, November 15, 2012

last train to...

I pride myself on being good at public transportation - after all, I haven't had a car for over five years now. It's probably on the top ten list of things I love about living around New York. I also successfully navigated San Francisco via public transportation, having never been there.Well, I've been in Boston now for three days and I am completely an idiot when it comes to transportation around here, and I use to live here. I've had countless delays, cannot figure out what "zone" I am in, got on the wrong train... yikes. It was lucky the conductor took pity on me and told me how to get back the way I came, while the guy in front of me laughed his face off (dude, really? come to NYC, I'd love to see you do that). All and all, I have to say it's got to be easier then this really.

(photo from google)

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