Thursday, November 8, 2012

you blow my mind

Dear Mindy-

Thank you for being you. I just finished your book “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?(and Other Concerns)” and I loved it, every single minute of it (Thank you to Ali for lending it to me, especially after I got to hear you laugh the entire time you were reading this book). It felt like you and I were sitting on my couch in yoga pants, drinking a few bottles of wine, telling each other funny stories and life lessons.  I particularly felt a kinship when you had a chapter dedicated to your blackberry photos – it felt like something I might also do if I was famous enough to have a book that other people might want to buy and read. I also want to say to you how much I am enjoying your new show – “The Mindy Project”, I will admit I was a little sad to see you leave “The Office” because Kelly was such a fun character, but thank goodness this new show is even more fun. The hilarious situations you get yourself into – makes me think we could take on the town one night and really reap havoc all over the city (any city, call me- maybe?). I also feel our bond of growing up in Massachusetts would seal our sisterhood and make us forever friends.

Appreciatively yours,

(photo from NY Times)

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  1. I'm sure it goes without saying how I feel about this post, but just in case there's any confusion... I LOVE this!