Monday, November 19, 2012

Letters to Norby #12

Dear Norby-

It’s been quite the busy week young man. You were born, you came home from the hospital, we both survived our first babysitting ordeal. This was probably the only time I really liked babysitting, when I was a teen, I never felt comfortable being in other people’s houses. I blame that on the McMansions that were popular where your mommy and I grew up, the homes were way to big and the kids always seemed like they could be in trouble in their rooms and I’d be way down in the living room, practically in another zip code.  Babysitting for you is well, perfection right now. You love to be held the whole time and you let me take about 800 photos of you, so for now this is a great situation. One day you won’t be so still for photos, and I understand that I’ve have to take what I can get, and I do look forward to the days when you will be playful and ready to rumble. I am also pleased that I get to spend a lot more time with you this week, tomorrow I get to go with you and Mommy to the doctor and then you come to Grammy and Gramps’s house for Thanksgiving. Lots of bonding for us.

Enjoying the time we have this week.

Love your favorite auntie

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