Monday, November 5, 2012

Letters to Norby #10

Holland Tunnel - with no traffic- a bit creepy
Dear Norby-

Thank you very much for not coming during the hurricane last week, it's been a bit of an adventurous one for your auntie, and you adding in the mix, might have made us both a bit crazy. One day, we will sit and chat about how crazy this week was, and you'll be interested in the tales of New York and Hoboken, when we look at pictures together, and I tell you all about the week. I will tell you this, friends are the family you choose, and I've been truly blessed in that department all week long. From extra days in California, to the outreach of people to make sure I've been safe, to having places to seek refuge while I waited for my apartment to get back electricity and heat, I couldn't have picked a better circle of people in my life. Norby, choose your friends wisely, and remember to give more then you receive.

I love you little man.

Love your favorite auntie

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