Friday, November 2, 2012


Happy Friday.

New York City is in recovery mode still, I am still not sure about my own home- but planning on scoping it out tomorrow. My colleagues and friends are all in different stages of being at home, being displaced, but you cannot kill anyone’s spirits. I love how much everyone is being positive despite some of the losses around here. I thought today, I’d make a little list of the happy things from this week:

1)      Extra days for my long weekend, 3 days away turned into 6, which meant 2 more days to explore a part of the country I haven’t been
2)      Having extra time to hang out with a good friend in sunny California
3)      Having the ability to work in another office one day, and getting probably the best view of San Francisco for a full day of work
4)      Getting attend part of the World Series Parade – when in Rome, why not?
5)      Enjoying a few extra cups of Blue Bottle Coffee (there’s one in NYC, when they are back with power, you should go)
6)      Free breakfast and lunch at my home office on Friday (mmm warm soup in my belly)
7)      Having friends who will put me up in a warm apartment with a hot shower, and power (got to keep the cell phone charged up)
8)      Norby is likely going to make an appearance in the next week – he’s got an Auntie debating an impromptu trip to Boston to say hi for a day or so
9)      Looking forward to heading to Massachusetts in less than two weeks to see the family and be spoiled by mom
10)   Hot showers since I’ve been feeling cold

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