Tuesday, December 11, 2012

i'll be home for Christmas...

I am a little more than a week away from making my annual Christmas trip home to see the family. The US totally didn’t do me a service by having Thanksgiving in November, immediately followed by Christmas four to five weeks later. I often feel like I just get back to my routine at my house, and then oh hello family again. Really one of these holidays should be in March- it would have made total sense to me if I got to choose the calendar. It’s a nice timeframe to be ready to spend another week with the family, and more time to be ready to eat a large meal.  I am excited to see the family this year so close together, and to spend more time with Norby – who is already reached his one month milestone – which is just crazy. Do you travel for holidays or are you someone who gets to stay local for at least one of the big days?

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